Program Manager

Brent is a certified and licensed educator with over fifteen years of professional teaching experience, both stateside and internationally. He was certified by the American Mountain Guide Association as a Top-Rope Site Manager in 2002. For the past 10 years he has led individual and group instruction for children and adults, in Jordan, Cambodia, Colorado, Arizona and Indonesia. For fun, Brent enjoys climbing in funky, craggy locations all around the planet.

National Partners

Climbing Instructors:

Pak Danus is one of the head coaches for the Indonesian Climbing Federation-Kota Balikpapan (FPTI) that develops competitive athletes for the SEA Games and AsiaX Games. He has a solid command of English. Pak Payou is a regional speed climbing champion and works for the FPTI as assistant coach and trainer. He has proficient English speaking skills.

Mountain Biking Guides:

Pak Yayan is a local legend and master class mountain bike champion. He has extensive experience guiding expatriate mountain biking groups.Mas Fierman, son of Pak Yayan, is a local and regional cross-country mountain bike champion. Working along with his father, he has been leading both national and expat bike riding excursions for the past five years. Both men have limited English speaking skills.